Real estate, drone photography and video services, product photography, 3D capture, 360˚ photo spheres, video editing, mapping and site survey photos.

Drone Photography & Video

I have an FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification which is required for commercial drone operation. I can provide high resolution (12 megapixel) still photos, 180˚ x 360˚ panoramics and 4K or HD video.

Real Estate Photography

Showcase your properties with high resolution HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos, plus drone photo or video. I also have 20+ years of experience in website design.

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Enhance your real estate, vacation rental listing or business with virtual tours and 360˚ photo spheres.

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Site Surveys & Mapping

Rapidly map a large acreage, construction site or office park. Advanced mapping software is used to plan and safely execute site surveys, resulting in maps at a resolution of up to 1 inch per pixel. Additionally, plant heath maps (using VARI) can be generated, site elevation maps and even volumetric calculations such as the volume of a pile of sand or gravel.

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3D Models

In addition to mapping of fields and construction sites, 3D models can be created from the photos. Also 3D models of small inanimate objects can be created by combining dozens of photographs taken from all angles. The resulting 3D models can be exported into CAD applications or even 3D printed in color.

Antenna and Tower Photography

Safely inspect difficult to reach structures. FAA regulations permit drone photography of towers of any height, provided that the drone stay within 400 feet above the structure and within 400 feet lateral of the structure. Overflight of structures higher than 400 feet within controlled air space (near airports) may require FAA permission.

Roof and Building Photography

Document roofs, solar panels and building exteriors. The roof and entire facade can be mapped by drone, giving you a detailed view from any angle.

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