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  • Real Estate

    Aerial "beauty shots" help market your property.

  • Acreage Photos and Mapping

    Wide-angle aerial shots at altitudes up to 400'. Map imagery of acreages.

  • Panoramic Photos

    360 degree "photo bubble" panoramics.

  • High Resolution Imagery

    High resolution (20 megapixel) still photos.

  • Roof and Building Imagery

    Document roofs, solar panels and building exteriors. The roof and entire facade can be mapped by drone.

  • 4K and UHD Video

    Ultra-sharp video for use in your next ad or on your website.

Stock and B-roll Footage

Visit my portfolio of over 1,000 4K video clips on Pond5.


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  • Commercial Real Estate

    Add aerial "beauty shots" to market your property.

  • Interior and Exterior Photos and Video

    High quality stills and 4K video.

  • Tourism Photography

    Showcase your destination! Photos and video, interiors, aerial shots.

  • Acreage Photo Shoots

    Generate 2D and 3D high resolution imagery of large acreages.

  • Video or still photos

    High quality stills and 4K video.

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