Drone Privacy Policy

Created: October, 2016.
Last review/revision: October, 2018

It shall be the intent of every UAS operator to make reasonable effort to not invade a person's reasonable expectation of privacy when operating the UAS. When operating the UAS, DAHMKE.COM, LLC operators abide by all FAA Regulations for flight and receive the proper authorization for flight.

3. Protection of Rights and Privacy

UAS operators and participants will ensure the protection of private individuals’ civil rights and reasonable expectations of privacy before deploying the UAS. UAS operators and participants ensure and are held accountable for ensuring that operations of the UAS intrude to a minimal extent upon private persons and businesses. To accomplish this primary goal, DAHMKE.COM, LLC observes the following:

  1. When the UAS is flown where the UAS is close enough to structures that individuals can be resolved by the onboard camera., the onboard cameras are turned so as to be facing away from occupied structures, etc., to minimize inadvertent video or still images of uninvolved persons or property.

  2. In the event that images of recognizable people (in locations where there is an expectation of privacy) not connected with the UAS mission are captured by the drone camera, those areas of the photos or video will be blurred out to protect the privacy of said individuals.

  3. DAHMKE.COM, LLC does not conduct random surveillance activities. The use of the UAS is tightly controlled and regulated.

  4. All authorized missions for DAHMKE.COM, LLC UAS are for:

    1. Aerial photography, video, mapping and inspections.

  5. DAHMKE.COM, LLC UAS operate strictly within the law and regulations. If in doubt, prior to operating the UAS we ensure that the proper forms and applications are applied for and obtained. We balance all operations with the need to accomplish the mission while maintaining public privacy and the freedom from intrusion.